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ALPA 12 FPS Contax 645 Kit + H6D-100c

ALPA introduces the Contax 645 Lens Module to provide a new life for the Carl Zeiss medium format lenses of the Contax 645 system on ALPA cameras. Even if the Contax bodies are now more frequently failing, the corresponding lenses are usually still fully functional. The lenses have an interesting focal length and aperture range, so the Sonnar 2,8 / 140 mm is perfect for portraits. The lenses can also be an ideal complement to the ALPA high-performance lenses HR ALPAGON and HR ALPAR, especially for the longer focal lengths.

However, since the lenses are equipped with an electromechanical diaphragm, they require a corresponding control for the operation. The new Lens Module Contax 645 offers complete access to the aperture control - either on the ALPA 12 FPS camera or with ALPA Silex as a control unit and ELA (ALPAs Electronic Lens Adapter) on any ALPA 12 body. In addition control over the focus motor (no AF and not for the manual focus Macro Planar 4.0 / 120 mm Focus) is given.

With Silex and ELA, the lenses can also be operated on any ALPA 12 body. This also makes movements possible, an option that is particularly suitable with sensors in the format 33x44 mm.

The Lens Module Contax 645 ALPA is compatible with all Carl Zeiss lenses for the Contax 645, the fixed focal lengths of 35, 45, 55, 80, 120, 140, 210 and 350 mm as well as the Vario-Sonnar 45-90 mm (Archive Zeiss). The use of the Telekonerter Mutar 1,4 x is currently not possible.

Due to contractual restrictions, kits with H6D-100c digital backs cannot be sold through the sales channels China, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

Product remarks: ALPA 12 FPS Contax 645 Kit + H6D-100c, consists of the ALPA 12 FPS body, ALPA Silex and accessories, ALPA Lens Module Contax 645, H6D-100c digital back and shimmed ALPA back adapter H1A, external battery pack - kits with H6D-100c digital back may not be available in all countries.


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